Relay EL10

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Relay bảo vệ dòng rò 10A DTL EL10- chức năng bảo vệ dòng rò Imax=10A

With the MH Earth Leakage Relay available in either DIN-rail or panel mount type with current/ time selectivity, the MH EL series is a versatile solution for residual current protection for all levels of low voltage installations, from low-voltage lines to power distribution, up to terminal distribution, ensuring a high level of service continuity.

The MH Earth Leakage Relay series are combined with a wide range of zero phase current transformers with diameter sizes from 35mm to 140mm, providing the maximum application flexibility for an effective protection in every point of the system.

• Manual test button for relay operation checking
• Realtime monitoring of leakage current [%]
• Detection of “No-connection” to ZCT (Zero Phase Current Transformer)
• Tamper proof design for setting protection
• Type tested for EMC compliance in accordance with IEC 61000
• High immunity to electrical interference (tested to 2.5GHz)
• Type tested for operational accuracy in accordance with IEC 60255-1
• Highest accuracy ZCT (>1,000 ampere-turn transformation)
• Type tested in accordance with IEC 60044

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