Relay REF052

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Relay bảo vệ chạm đất IDMTL REF052

IDMTL Earth Fault (MH) - REF052 Based on digital microprocessor technology, the MH REF052 is designed as a universal earth fault protective relay, integrating selectable time earth fault characteristic curves. With digital processing of input values, the REF052 offers high measuring accuracy and a wide setting range in fine resolution.

Featuring a first-of-its kind, OLED Display (Organic Light Emitting Diode), the ROA207 provides unparalleled clarity and crisp sharpness, alongside the enhanced functions such as communication interfaces, diagnostic features such as fault data recording with time/date stamp.

• OLED display for superior readability
• Redesigned menu navigation for intuitive operation
• Dual source 85-265V AC/DC for auxiliary supply
• Streamlined 46mm depth with bezel cover
• Added security against nuisance trip handling
• Manual test button for relay operation checking
• No requirement for axially power supply for fault indication
• Safeguard against automatic reset before fault rectification
• Curve selection in accordance with ANSI, IAC, IEC, 1.3/10
o Normally Inverse (NI)
o Very Inverse (VI)
o Extremely Inverse (EI)
o Short Time Inverse (STI)
o Moderate Inverse (MI)
• Trip value recording (4-memory)
• Integrated surge arrester against transient overvoltage
• High set mode incorporated for instantaneous protection
• Tamper-proof design for setting protection
• Serial interface RS485 for Modbus RTU communication (optional)

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